Hi! We're looking for ideas or topics for future meetups. If you have one to share, please fill out this form.
What is your meetup idea?

Give an outline and explain why it's useful for people in digital delivery teams to hear. It's always good to summarise what take- away points will be.
What's the best format for this talk?

This could be a talk, panel Q&A, show-and-tell with facilitated discussion, quiz, workshop, a combination of these or something new we've never thought of!
How long would the session be?

If you could tailor to different session lengths, that's great! Just let us know.
When could you present this talk?

Our usual meetup slot is the evening of the last Tuesday of the month.
Do you have any supporting material that you could share, before or after your session?

Think blog post, slides, videos, handouts...it's really useful when the audience can access content after the session. This isn't always essential though.
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Thanks so much for submitting a talk idea. It's great to hear from you and we'll be in touch. Hopefully see you at the next meetup!
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